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Trackserver Collection Point

Collection Point Help

First time? Need help?

Are my tracks ready?

Download Ready This means track is ready for download.
In Progress This means track is being prepared and uploaded for you. It should be ready for you to download within 1 business day.

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How do I download the tracks?

The example below shows and order where 3 of the 5 ordered files are ready for download.
Each file needs to be downloaded separately.  So, for each file:-
WINDOWS USERS - Right click on the underlined file link then choose save as from the drop down menu.
MAC USERS - hold down "Control" key, then click the underlined file link and choose "Save Link As.."

Now a navigator will open up allowing you to choose the folder where you will save your files. The usual place will be in your documents folder.  It may be a good idea however - to make a new folder in your documents folder just for your backingtracks!

THE 2 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS about saving your files:

1.  Don't Change the name of the file unless you know how to do that - leaving the file extension unchanged.  Changing the file extension will make it unplayable and unrecognized by your media software.

2. Remember where your files are kept.  If you want to burn them to CD or copy them to your media device - you will need to know where they are.

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